Flooring and Design For Your Coastal Getaway: Our Top 5 Choices

By December 5, 2017Buying Guide

People love the calming affect that comes naturally with coastal regions. But did you know that your home’s interior style can play just as much of a role in settling your nerves as the calm currents and sandy beaches themselves? Whether you’re customizing a coastal getaway or setting up a vacationing spot for visitors, here are our top 5 coastal flooring and room design selections – just in time for our snowbird residents.

Exotic Stone

Exotic Stone coastal flooring room scene

You won’t find a better selection for a bedroom with an ocean view than our Exotic Stone porcelain tile flooring. It’s available with a glossy finish that features beautiful blue hues, a perfect match to the coastline just outside. The surface beautifully reflects the surrounding room with a slightly aquatic look of its own!




Mountain PineLVT Flooring perfect for a coastal destination

The Mountain Pine selection gives new life to the minimalist design. It’s available in soft, light colors, some of which feature a distressed design. It’s among the few options that fit equally within a traditional or contemporary setting. Even better, it’s durable enough to stand the test of time in our humid environment with frequent visits from the nearby sandy beaches.



Uptown Glass HexagonUptown wall bathroom scene

The bathroom is becoming the new spa – so it only makes sense that it should also reflect a calming feel. The Uptown Glass Hexagon collection is the perfect choice for a calm, spa-like experience right in your getaway home! It offers classic elements arranged in stylish geometric patterns. The softly shifting tones pay homage to Panama City’s nearby beaches and is available in affordable tile.




Coastal KeytonesCostal Keystones wall scene

For a “sea of design options”, the Coastal Keytones collection offers a variety of colors and designs perfect for any room in your beach side home! Build your own treasure island with a custom look that fits your style. Choose a warm palette to relax, or lighten the mood in time for your next beach side party!




BancaCement-like tile flooring

For a more luxurious natural look, Banca sets itself apart with porcelain tile that perfectly matches the aesthetics of real stone without the excessive cost or maintenance. It can be easily customized to fit any room, back splash or even ceramic wall. Banca is available in a variety of shades and styles, all of which perfectly compliment Panama City’s natural beauty.




For more design ideas, be sure to visit our Inspiration Gallery. You’ll find a variety of flooring, tile and even wall selections sure to match any style. And be sure to visit Classic Carpets in Panama City to explore the many options available for your home!

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