Florida’s environment is famous for three things: beaches, heat and humidity. While this is good news for local tourism, it also presents a lesser known problem for carpeting: dander, dirt (especially sand), mold, and mites.

Our warm, moist air creates an environment ideal for mold colonies. And indoor carpeting offers the perfect environment for that moisture to settle, build and spawn mold. Pile dirt and pet dander on top of that, and you have the perfect conditions for a largely hidden source of allergies and odors growing inside your home. Even worse, most conventional vacuum cleaners aren’t capable of removing all dirt or dander, much less mold. So even if you clean your floors regularly, it may not be enough to properly remove the threat.

Carpet Odors

Have you ever discovered an odd odor in your home but couldn’t quite pin the source of it? All too frequently, such odor sources come from the carpet, well out of view. The surface may appear fine, but embedded deep within its fibers (and even backing) is where the problem actually rests.

Health Risks

Mold spores embedded in your carpet’s flooring can cause more than just a foul odor; they can actually impact your health. Have you ever suffered from allergies out of season? Do they seem to especially flare up when you’re trying to clean or sleep, regardless of the year? Dirty carpets could be one of many culprits behind sudden flare ups.
As dirt and moisture become trapped and compressed/embedded into the carpet’s backing, the compressed matter becomes more difficult to remove. If left untreated, these problems could lead to even more unwanted guests: dust mites. These microscopic critters are among the most annoying house pests and tend to thrive in humid environments. Even worse, dust mite colonies are nearly impervious to vacuums.

The Solution

Having carpets professionally steam cleaned at least twice a year will help kill mold and bacteria while also removing embedded dirt and dander. Just be sure to give the carpet time to dry before placing any furniture, rugs, or other items back in place (and use any recommendations to dry the carpets as quickly as possible). By vacuuming regularly (once per week) in between cleaning sessions, you’ll help further reduce any buildups within your carpet. Just be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Alternatives: New Innovative Carpet

Just like any industry, new flooring options continue to benefit from modern innovations. This is especially true with carpet, as new options are now designed to resist and even hinder mold from growing. Options like “Lively Spirit” and “Enduring Charm” feature ScotchGard protection, meaning they have been carefully engineered to resist dirt, dander and buildup, making it much easier to clean and maintain your carpet flooring.

Your Top Flooring Choice in Panama City

Remember, we are your premiere Panama City carpet cleaners and installation experts. Whether your carpet is long overdue for a professional touch, or you’d like to replace it altogether, be sure to call or stop by Classic Carpet to discuss your options today!

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